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[text tag=”p”]Please Read Carefully If You Are Thinking of Using content On This Website[/text]

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[text tag=”h3″]Terms & Conditions[/text]

[text tag=”h6″]The material published in this website is the copyright of Canetoad
Constructions Pty Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Canetoad
Constructions ) The use of intellectual and house designs are subject to
the Conditions of Use described below. Materials may not be copied,
used or reproduced in any manner outside the uses permitted in this
website, without Canetoad Constructions express written consent.[/text]

[text tag=”h3″]Plans & Designs – conditions of use[/text]

[text tag=”h6″]The
Technical Information reproduced on this website are intended to be
read and used as a guide only and should not be relied upon without
competent professional assistance. 

in this information belongs to Canetoad Constructions and the
reproduction of this material must be authorised by Canetoad
Constructions Pty Ltd (ACN 107 855 658). 

The information contained on
this website is intended to be informative and used as a guideline in
conjunction with relevant professional and competent assistance from a
qualified designer, architect or draftsman. 

Due to the many variables
affecting different projects it cannot replace the judgement or advice
of an architect, engineer or other relevant technical expert. Such
experts must be consulted to determine the suitability or otherwise of
the details or the necessity for further design or detailing. 

drawings available from the Canetoad Constructions website are primarily
for the purposes of detailing, specifying, using, and promoting the use
of, Canetoad Constructions Pty Ltd products and systems in conjunction
with Canetoad Constructions Pty Ltd product guidelines (“Canetoad
Constructions Products and Systems”).[/text]

[text tag=”h3″]Permitted use[/text]

[text tag=”h6″]The Canetoad Constructions documentation, including CAD drawings, are
protected by copyright laws. All www.CanetoadConstructions.com.au
intellectual property rights, libraries, source codes, technical
specifications and other files contained on the
www.CanetoadConstructions.com.au Website remain the exclusive property
of www.CanetoadConstructions.com.au, and its related entities. 

The User
is not authorised to reproduce exact copies or exact extracts of the
drawings, whether for the purpose of detailing, specifying, using and
promoting the use of Canetoad Constructions Products and Systems and/or
the purpose of effecting the construction of a home for personal &
private use, without the expressed written permission of Canetoad

[text tag=”h3″]Prohibited uses[/text]

[text tag=”h6″]No authority is granted under any circumstances for use for commercial
purposes whatsoever except for the use in conjunction with Canetoad
Constructions Products, Systems, and Services.[/text]

[text tag=”h3″]Disclaimer[/text]

[text tag=”h6″]All expressed or implied warranties or liabilities in relation to the
House Designs, and information contained herein are excluded, except for
any warranties or liabilities which may not be modified or excluded
under relevant laws. 

Canetoad Constructions Pty Ltd, Owner of
www.Canetoad Constructions.com.au accepts no liability arising out of
the use, reproduction, or distribution of our Intellectual material. The
User will remain solely responsible to anyone receiving or using
systems and designs created by the User using the material provided on
this website.[/text]

[text tag=”h3″]Terms and conditions of sale – building products[/text]

[text tag=”h6″]These
terms and conditions apply to all material downloaded from this
website. For convenience, this website contains other website addresses
and links to other websites. This is published for information purposes.
www.CanetoadConstructions.com.au does not endorse, approve of, or make
any representations or warranties in relation to the information
published on those other websites. www.CanetoadConstructions.com.au is
not responsible and will not be liable for any information published on
those other websites.[/text]

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